Why NOT to Make Happiness Your Goal

Could you will yourself to be happier? 

"You choose your own state of mind", is something we frequently hear. 

But is that the truth? 

Can you simply force yourself to be happy? 

In recent years a few studies have uncovered that effectively attempting to make yourself happier has the inverse impact… 

You may wind up imagining that happiness simply isn't achievable for you. 


Going for happiness is similar to stating "I'm going to get fit this year!"

What does fit even mean? 

Such ambiguous goals often leave you disappointed in the results. And studies show that when happiness is your primary goal - the same problem is apparent. 

It's as if you began a marathon and someone neglected to paint the finish line. 

You will undoubtedly quit running and say "What the heck?.. How am I not there yet, I've been making a decent attempt. Perhaps it's simply not practical for people like me." 

A startling thought to have, isn't it?

I know because I've felt it.

At a certain point I about abandoned each and every one of my wellness and organizing objectives – dismissing them with the line "I'm not wired for that." I verged on settled for mediocrity as a result of thoughts just like that… 

But new research has shown that simply changing your objective to something more specific but still related to your end goal of happiness is the best practice.

You must try to organize positivity in your day by day life. 

What does that mean? 

It's different for everyone but you should look to take the activities you really enjoy (sports, hobbies, time relaxing) and put them at the highest point of your schedule. 

When you plan positivity into your day, just as you would work or chores, you start using one of the least demanding but most effective strategies to bring more happiness in your life.

So begin making time for the things you love and take it seriously.

Email alert during your time for positivity? It'll have to sit for awhile, you’re not available - instead, you're doing anything else in the world. It is your life afterall.

Are Protein Shakes Good for You? Wading Through the BS

Looking online to ask "are protein shakes good for you" will lead you down a confusing path. "They are poison!" and "There is no evidence to support that whey protein intake is associated with negative health outcomes" are going to be the 2 opinions you'll see online.

So are protein shakes good for you or are they to be avoided?


Look no further in your search than the evidence cited by these 2 very different stances on protein shakes. All the proponents of going whey protein free cite an error filled "China Study" to prove their point and are mainly vegan dieters that are pushing their personal agenda.

The folks who speak about whey protein in a calm, non-alarmist fashion simply cite the scientific consensus as opposed to one flawed study or their own beliefs and feelings.

Overwhelmingly, it has been found that problems associated with whey protein intake are tied to digestive issues like bloating or gas only - not kidney damage or cancer cell growth.

Don't drink the Kool-Aid when it comes to plant based protein powders like hemp. The fact is that whey protein is the is the fastest absorbing and well digestible proteins available.

Whey protein powder has also been shown to increase levels of leptin in the body far above any plant-based proteins. Not only are increased leptin levels known to suppress appetite in humans, but whey protein itself has been proven to suppress appetite directly in studies looking only at overall calorie consumption. 

So, not only are protein shakes good for you but they also have awesome benefits compared to other sources of protein. Whey protein = completely safe, Fear-mongering vegans = scientifically illiterate.

Morning Recovery Drink Review: Real Hangover Cure?


My Morning Recovery Drink review is different than other morning recovery drink reviews that don't cover WHEN this 'hangover cure' works.

A REAL Morning Recovery Drink Review

This Morning Recovery Drink review isn't part of some paid marketing campaign...

I'm just a guy who likes health, but also likes to drink.

Unfortunately, with age and my genetics - my body wasn't processing even just a few drinks like it should.

And my hangovers we're really getting in the way of my diet and fitness goals...


They'd kill my gym performance (if I could even go)

And the only food I could stomach was junk.

It was getting frustrating.

But Morning Recovery Drink reviews we've been hearing would have us believe we can do without the hangover, right?

And that's always been the dream...

To be able to have drinks with friends and wake up with no nausea, without feeling like the next day was a total drag.

Well, as you've no doubt heard...

A fancy ex-Tesla engineer and some of his buddies went on a mission to find the perfect ingredients...

To create a morning recovery drink that would keep our most nasty hangovers at bay.

Are you skeptical yet?

I sure was.

I'd tried dozens of different "tricks" to avoid getting hungover...

From pre-drinking vitamin regimens

To intra-drinking hydration tactics

And even post-binging detox protocols.

Nothing worked.

Maybe they took the edge off. 

I mean drinking water between each drink can't hurt, right?

But it was hardly the sexy and elusive cure we're all hoping for.

That's why I took it upon myself, a big fan of booze, to give this morning recovery drink a real go...

Morning Recovery Drink Results: Does It Really Work?

This stuff actually worked...

I felt like I'd had 2 drinks instead of 10.

The ingredients are solid and, yes, I WAS impressed...

But Here's the Rub

I wanted reliability.

[And I found the same ingredients in an easier form - but more on that later...]

Any wannabe scientist knows you gotta replicate your research.

So I followed the exact same procedures as before - except one aspect...

This time I actually went 'out out' - like to a party out.

That's what we do most the times we get a bit drunk anyway, isn't it?

Socialize, network, party, go out on the town etc.

But that meant my two test bottles were at home (placebo & the real thing).

Can't very well tote a bottle everywhere after all...

And I just wanted to go with the flow like normal.

This meant getting home later...

Not a big deal.

It was a weekend anyways. 

"I'll just sleep in a bit."

Well I woke up UNABLE TO FUNCTION...

I figured I had drank the placebo bottle - that would explain the crippling hangover, right?

Well, I didn't...

I drank the real deal and felt like complete garbage (damn 8/10).

I was confused.

I thought I'd found a miracle solution to my terrible hangover problems...

That's when my friend (who's also finishing Pharmacy school) dropped some knowledge on my hungover ass.

He mentioned how some of the most important ingredients in Morning Recovery Drink work...

Basically saying:

Hovenia Dulcis extract (DHM), as well as the essential vitamins and nutrients lost when drinking, work best (like way way way better) if you ingest them VERY soon after your last drink.

*This is why I WAY prefer an easier to carry solution (no more bottles!)

But I stuck around the party after my last drink...

Then I walked to my friends place down the road...

Then I got an Uber home...

Pretty normal stuff, right?

Well, like I said, the next day was 100% destroyed...

I didn't get home quick enough to get those ingredients in the right timeframe.

I was suffering pretty bad and wasted my Sunday being a POS...

"How am I even supposed to go 'out out' now?"

"Do I always have to carry this bottle around with me?"

"Can I even bring this into a bar?"

"What if I go home with someone - I still don't want my next whole day ruined."

I thought my new miracle friend was now more like a ball and chain...

"Am I going to be a slave to this stuff?"

"Sorry, I gotta jet home so I can function tomorrow..."

NOT how I want to spend my nights out...

Everything I Was Looking For


That terrible Sunday night I found what I was looking for IN THE WEIRDEST WAY...

My Dad's younger collegue, a dude about my age, wrote on my FB post detailing my ordeal.

All he wrote was "'MixFix RECOVER' changed my life" and dropped this link to their store which is currently the only way to get it...

It's pretty new after all, so I wouldn't expect it on Amazon but hey, they beat Morning Recovery Drink in getting it out so... not bad.

After checking out their site I was bummed to find out they were out of stock.

I put in a back order anyways and my package came in about 2 weeks...

I knew these 'MixFix Recover' Packets had potential because they have almost the same exact ingredients...

Sure the Morning Recovery Drink worked well when I could get to it right after drinking...

But was I really gonna do that all the time?

I had to be honest with myself there.

Anyway, next time I went out I stuck to my protocol (not perfect double-blinded mind you).

Except this time I had one of these new MixFix RECOVER Packs in my pocket...

(Hence, me not being able to blind test it)

And when I finished my last drink I quickly mixed it around with some water from the sink.

We kept hanging out til late.

And then I got the craziest sensation when I called my Uber...

I felt like MixFix RECOVER was actually sobering me up.

Like, seriously.

By the time I was getting in bed I wasn't nearly as intoxicated as the last time I passed out that late...

It was crazy but the most surprising part was the next day.

Usually my stomach is the worst part...

Queezy, nausous, that "kill me now" feeling.

None of it was there, it was the best I've felt waking up since I was 19 - ridiculous.

I literally felt like I just had a couple beers the night before.

I didn't have to sleep the day away and I wasn't even feeling foggy.

I went to the gym in the afternoon - something unheard of after normal nights...

So right now, yes, I'm super excited about this product.

It seems like the perfect balance of what I'm looking for...

And with each dose costing less than a beer at the bar it's a no brainer for feeling fresh the next morning BUT...

I've only used it twice successfully as of writing this.

I'll be testing and tweaking it through the next month so I can report back to you guys if I notice anything new or test using a higher dose for bigger celebrations.

Cheers to the future friends!

Please comment below your experiences as the product is rather new - thanks so much guys!