Best Adaptogen Supplements & Adaptogen Blends: What’s Most Effective

The best adaptogen supplements and best adaptogen blends out today have a few key components making them the most effective adaptogens ever made.

But adaptogen supplements are new to the market and finding the best adaptogen blends can be hard to do.

We're here to help. Here's a few things you need to know:

Adaptogen Supplements vs. Herbs

Understanding the difference between adaptogen supplements and adaptogen herbs is crucial to not buying into pseudoscientific, weak supplements.

You want the awesome effects of Holy Basil?

Skip the herb, go to the source.

Ursolic acid is the adaptogen compound in Holy Basil that most benefits us humans.

It's only available at 2% potency in many Holy Basil supplements but can be extracted at  25% - 98% purity - allowing you to get a lot more of the good stuff with a lot less pills.

So a ursolic acid supplement (preferable extracted from Loquat Leaf) should be what you're looking for.

[We like the powerful synergy created when combining ursolic acid with tomatidine (from green tomatoes) for a supercharged fatloss adaptogen blend like Ursolodine by LZR Labs]

Finding the Best Adaptogen Supplement

As indicated above: purity matters.

It's important to look at the supplement facts panel to determine the purity of the adaptogen extract you're looking to buy.

Some popular supplements try to obscure the fact that they use cheap extracts yielding potency below 5%.

Aim for at least 25%. If they don't disclose the amount, it's probably not near that mark.

This is because higher potency extracts can cost a lot more money. That means if you're looking for a bargain, you may get an inferior product.

But there are a host of good brands out there that do meet that 25% threshold - allowing for reasonable prices (depending on the compound) and great results.

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