Best Dumbbells That Change Weight & What to Avoid

When looking for dumbbells that change weight there are a few things you need to look for if you want the best quality. In this review I'll talk about the key features you want in adjustable dumbbells and share my recommendation with you.

Whether you're trying to complete your very own home gym or you're just starting a workout program like p90x or Meta Shred, having a solid pair of adjustable dumbbells is unbeatable.

So stop collecting heaps of ugly hex dumbbells that scratch up your hardwood and grab some dumbbells that change weight - they'll be the last you ever need.

Avoid the Rattles, Shakes & Jiggles (Seriously)

Do you want to think about a 20 pound chunk of weight hitting you in the face when your benching? 

No? Yeah, me neither - that sounds unpleasant.

Hearing the rattle of plates jiggling takes the focus off getting reps in and you start focusing on structural integrity.

Shakiness never inspires confidence and it's no fun to feel it in your hands - Sturdiness is the most important quality a pair of adjustable dumbbells can have.

Find Your Weight Range

With so many contenders out there - PowerBlock Elite, IronMaster, StairMaster, & Bowflex being the top dogs - you'll find that each company has their markets.

50 pounds or less:

StairMaster and Bowflex make the best choices here. I've tried both and love the Twist & Lock feature for adjusting weight - it's simple and super quick.

The Bowflex SelectTech brand wins this range with a solid feel and savings over $175 compared to the similar StairMaster variety.

50 - 70 pounds:

You won't find better dumbbells that change weight than those offered by IronMaster. They are crazy sturdy and I've never felt or heard a single rattle out of them.

IronMaster is the absolute best brand when you're looking for adjustable dumbbells over 50 pounds.

PowerBlock Elite dumbbells are almost as good BUT they lack the Twist and Lock feature many have come to expect.

Don't need to be changing weight too quick? PowerBlock Elite offers a savings of $160 compared to IronMaster dumbbells.

I'll leave that part of the decision up to you.

70 - 90+ pounds

Here is where we see the big difference between PowerBlock Elite and IronMaster.

Both companies have add ons to their 70 or 75 pounders that allow higher weight ranges, however, in this range you start to see more problems with PowerBlock Elite dumbbells...

They rattle and start to feel overly bulky and awkward with this much weight. This is why I can only recommend IronMaster QuickLock Adjustable dumbbells when you get this high in weight. 

I have owned both of these personally and prefer IronMaster for heavier movements - they really are the best dumbbells that change weight that are available. 

So there you have it. If you have your weight range picked out you can choose from any of the winners above and get a seriously solid workout in while taking up minimal space. Cheers to that.