Bowflex Adjustable Dumbbells Review: SelectTech 552

The Bowflex SelectTech 552 adjustable dumbbells are beyond question the most famous home dumbbells set available. They have the most astounding client rating out of whatever other set, and have fabricated a genuinely amazing notoriety all through the wellness business.

Bowflex purportedly offers a great many these things consistently. In any case, other than the alluring outline and the prominent Bowflex name, the component that truly separates the SelectTech's from the group is their one of a kind dial-a-weight modification framework.

I had the chance to get my hands on a couple of these and workout with them for a couple of weeks, so I set up a point by point audit for anybody contemplating purchasing the Bowflex SelectTech 552 dumbbells.

SelectTech 552 Overview

Like all choice items, it's not about who does it initially, it's about who does it best. The idea of adjustable dumbbells has been around throughout recent years, all the way back to the OG PowerBlock's 90's, so dislike Bowflex acquainted this absolutely new thought with the world.

Rather, they took this current idea and made it speedier, simpler, and more attractive to the normal home lifter. Once the SelectTech 552 were revealed, their inventive outline was a noticeable improvement over other weight changing dumbbells.

The primary purpose behind this was the presentation of Bowflex's one of a kind dial alteration framework. It was a game-changer in the at home gym world, without a doubt.

Preceding the Bowflex dumbbells, the best way to change weight settings on an adjustable dumbbell was utilizing some kind of pin or twisting system that was very manual and time consuming. With the SelectTech 552, all of that changed.

Dumbbell Highlights:

• Weights from 5-52.5 lbs for each dumbbell

• Adjustable in 2.5 lb increases for the 1st 25 lbs

• 2-year guarantee

• 6-week Wellness Results Insurance (100% cash back)

• Every set incorporates a workout DVD program

• Measurements: 8″ x 9″ x 15.75″ (W x H x L)


The Bowflex SelectTech 552's offer a genuinely wide weight territory to work with, from as meager as 5 lbs to as much as 52.5 lbs (per dumbbell).

There are 15 distinctive weight settings to look over, and what's truly decent about the SelectTech 552's is that you be able to conform weight in 2.5 lb increases for the initial 25 lbs (once you get to 25 lbs, it climbs in 5 lb increases). 

Little, exact weight increases like these are vital on the off chance that you need the most adaptability out of your adjustable dumbbells. Most different sets just offer the capacity to change in 5 lb or 10 lb increases, so I loved that Bowflex gives you the additional miniaturized scale augmentations to get the most exact weight settings.

For a great many people, attempting to expand weight in greater augmentations (like 5 or 10 lbs at once) is excessively troublesome for your muscles, making it impossible to do, so you battle with keeping great frame and can't finish your reps, which implies you don't assemble quality too.

Luckily, in light of the fact that the SelectTech 552's can conform in such little augmentations, you can expand weight at an all the more enduring pace which permits you to keep impeccable structure, get your full rep range, and pick up quality quicker and less demanding.

The drawback for more grounded or more propelled weightlifters is that the weight territory is not expandable, so on the off chance that you ever required more weight than the 52.5 lbs they offer, you'd need to purchase a totally new arrangement of adjustable dumbbells that had a higher weight territory.

This isn't generally a represent the deciding moment for a great many people as the present weight territory is reasonable around 90% of individuals, yet in the event that you're a more grounded weightlifter or on the off chance that you imagine yourself getting more grounded later on (to the point where you'll require more than 52.5 lbs), you should arrange as needs be.


Bowflex's protected SelectTech dial-a-weight modification framework is hands-down the best element about the Bowflex 552's. This is the very reason that the Bowflex set is the most prominent adjustable dumbbells set available, so we should discuss how it functions.

On every end of the dumbbell, there is a numbered dial that you twist to choose diverse weight settings. Weight plates join to the dumbbell utilizing sections inside every handle, so when you turn the dial and select a weight setting, these sections are basically "snatching" the proper weight plates to coordinate the dial's weight setting.

Any weight plates that aren't got will be abandoned in the dumbbell's base support. The base support is essentially a plate fitted to the state of the dumbbell that holds the majority of the weight plates in an upright position with the goal that you can undoubtedly slide the dumbbell in and out when changing weight settings.

Built to Last

Bowflex is a premium brand that is known for its fantastic items, so I don't expected anything less of the SelectTech 552's the point at which I initially got them. Something I like about Bowflex as a rule is that they generally put a great deal of exertion into improvement and outline so that when their items turn out, they are among the best in their class.

Furthermore, the SelectTech 552's have demonstrated that once more. The 552's are the top rated AND the most noteworthy appraised set of adjustable dumbbells available (and that is factually demonstrated, not only my feeling). They presently have more than 2,400 surveys on Amazon, of which a huge 96% are certain, with numerous individuals calling these "the best adjustable dumbbells ever constructed." To me, that says a lot.

As far as I can tell with them, the SelectTech 552's are hands down the ideal adjustable dumbbell set for the range. In the course of recent weeks, I've put them under serious scrutiny with a decent blend of both quick paced and unpleasant workouts, and the SelectTech's have held up unfathomably well.

Everything works easily as it ought to, and they're entirely sturdy in spite of the dial framework's many-sided outline. The handle, center, and sections are all made with high-quality metal for a protected fit with no rattling weights, and the weight plates have a thick hard plastic covering to withstand any general rec center use.

In any case, there is one thing to note about the toughness of the SelectTech 552's. Since the dial modification framework utilizes sections to append the weights to every handle, the SelectTech's aren't made to handle being dropped habitually.

Lifting weights can typically be somewhat harsh, so you simply must be cautious that you're not dropping these a considerable measure as it might harm the center sections that are utilized to secure the weight plates. I don't generally see this being a noteworthy issue however, insofar as you're not dropping these after each set, you ought to be fine.

In Your Hands

The elastic handles are somewhat bigger than customary dumbbells which gives an a great deal more agreeable grasp, and I enjoyed that Bowflex kept an adjusted weight outline since it makes the dumbbell feel more common as you lift it.

Be that as it may, I had a slight issue with the length. Every dumbbell is about 17'' in length, and due to Bowflex's section style weight plan, the general length of the dumbbell doesn't change with the measure of weight you have joined. This implies regardless of what weight you have chosen, whether it's 10 lbs or 50 lbs, the dumbbell will dependably be 16 creeps in length.

It doesn't keep you from doing any activities or anything that way, however it just feels somewhat cumbersome every once in a while. It's something you need to get used to. I did really see one advantage to this more drawn out configuration, however!

The long outline obliges you to utilize your stabilizer muscles more to battle the more extensive weight, which thusly gives you an all the more difficult workout since you're connecting with more sorts of muscles without a moment's delay. I found this helped me figure out how to control the weight a considerable measure better also, which is greatly valuable in any free weight works out.

Final Word

By and large, the Bowflex SelectTech 552 dumbbells are one of the best arrangements of adjustable dumbbells I've ever utilized. What inspired me the most about the 552's was that they exceeded expectations in almost every classification you can take a gander at when contrasting distinctive models. They have an extraordinary weight territory to work with, little and exact weight settings, pleasant outline, yet the vast majority of all, they are inconceivably simple to utilize because of the SelectTech dial modification framework.

In the event that you need an astounding arrangement of adjustable dumbbells at an incredible value, the Bowflex SelectTech 552's are for you - pick them up on Amazon at a great price.