Ultimate Upper Body Review: Does it work?


This Ulitmate Upper Body review comes after weeks of testing the exercise program with a client. Will Ultimate Upper Body "sculp the muscles that get you noticed"? or is it setting yourself up for plateues, overtraining, and frustration? 

What is the Ultimate Upper Body?

The Ultimate Upper Body is the latest in a line of workout guides by Men's Health magazine and this one promises broader shoulders, bigger back, chiseled chest, jacked this and pumped that, you get the point :P

The poster boy for this workout program is a trainer named Ben Bruno and honestly, he looks a little run down, like he hasn't aged well...

But we're getting workout tips from him, right? Not anti-aging advice (even though they should go hand in hand) - so for some, that's not a big deal.

Aside from that, I was actually happy to see the guy wasn't overly jacked...

Who wants to be led by someone who seems unrealistic, ya know?

Especially my clients over 35 - they don't need to tear their bodies down like that...

In fact, it's downright counterproductive!

A Real Ultimate Upper Body Review

When you're trying to build the ultimate upper body you can't just listen to any advice you hear...

There are SO MANY variables that you should take into account and I'd like to go over a few of the most crucial for building the body you really want.

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