Ursolic Acid Dosage: Are You Using Ursolic Acid Spray or Pills? Here's What You Need to Know

Ursolic Acid supplements are gonna be taking off soon. From Ursolic Acid sprays to tablets, capsules, and drink powders - it’s only a matter of time before Ursolic Acid is everywhere.

But what about dosage? How much Ursolic Acid do I really need to take? Well, for those of us looking to get a head start on the fad this is something we must look to understand.

Supplementing with cutting edge stuff can be dangerous and it is up to everyone to do their homework to figure out what’s right for them.

Sure - I had to get behind some research journal paywalls to see everything I’d need but with Ursolic Acid supplements boasting 30% jumps in maximum strength and 10% increases in muscle mass it's well worth looking into.

Research finding benefits for mice have used diets containing 0.05% to 0.2% Ursolic Acid. Looking at the weight and overall diet of the mice we can see that this is about 10 to 40 mg/kg.

This translates into roughly 1.7 to 6.4 mg/kg when extrapolating the findings to human populations. That means that a 150 pound man would take between 110 and 450 mg each day.

A human research study on Ursolic Acid supplements focused on the maximum equivalent dose used in the mice studies and had participants dosing 150 mg 3x a day for a total of 450 mg daily.

This is the Ursolic Acid dosage I aim for as it is the max dosage that has been studied on humans. Yes, I do weigh more than 150 but am currently uneasy about dosing any Ursolic Acid supplement higher than that.