What is a Good Time for a 5k Run?

The question about what constitutes a 'good time' for a 5k run comes up a lot but is always given a vague answer because we hate to offend others.

I don't particularly enjoy hurting people's feelings, don't get me wrong, but a clear question begs a clear answer.

So, what is a good time for a 5k Run?

Men who win: 12 to 16 minutes

Women who win: 15 to 19 minutes

Men and women above the age of 40 should add 5 minutes to these limits to get a competitive time for their age group.

Generally, most people are happy to get under 20 minutes and use 5k races as a stepping stone to longer distance competitions. 

Want to be exact? Use this free online calculator to input your info and get detailed times.