Never Lose Muscle

Optimal Supplements, Routines, and Diet Hacks

Everyone wants to be healthier, live longer, and perform at their best in everday life. Only the people who put in the time and effort will acheive this lifestyle.

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Reading up on the latest scientific research, looking into new data on anti-aging, this is the foundation for being at your peak.

We cannot advance our health and well being without constantly learning and developing new ways of understanding.

We must also act on what we learn and use these insights to make us better than we were before. We need to make big and small changes in our daily routines to truly become the fit, brain healthy, and happy people we want to become.

This means using supplements like adaptogens, senolytics (like emerging spermidine supplements), prebiotics and probiotics (like Mycobacterium vaccae supplements) occasionally to supercharge our bodies and brains.

This means really examining our mental health and making sure we have all that we need to updrage our lives and be the best we can be. Fitness and a healthy diet aren't short term goals anymore but instead they are lifestyles.

Using long established science as well as emerging research is crucial in this masterplan to become optimal in everything we love to do.