Squat Magic Review: Does Squat Magic Work?

Squat Magic Review

My Squat Magic review is different than other Squat Magic reviews you may have read. This is because the Squat Magic product is relatively new to the scene.

A REAL Squat Magic Review

Because Squat Magic hasn't been around long, many of the reviews you'll read will have been collected by the company selling it...

We all know those aren't always the most honest reviews out there.

For this reason I decided to do my own Squat Magic review and dive into the important things.

1) What is Squat Magic Supposed to Do?

2) Does Squat Magic Work?

3) Is Squat Magic Better Than Other Alternatives?

What is Squat Magic Supposed to Do?

This product is supposed to tone and strengthen your legs and butt.

This, of course, is what squats themselves do in the most basic sense.

Squat Magic is different because it allows you to add resistance to your squats without have a heavy bar and weights across your back...

This was hugely appealing to me because I suffer from lower back pain and anyway to eliminate the need for weight on my shoulders is a big win.

So basically, you could get a good workout to tone your glutes the way a traditional squat does, only without the added strain on your shoulders and lower back.

That's it in a nutshell - squats made much much easier.

Sounds pretty appealing. 


Does Magic Squat Work?

Low impact exercises are amazing for reducing strain on bones and joints, that's for sure...

But they also usually mean less intense workloads and less muscle fatigue - not exactly a winning combo for muscle growth 9 times out of 10.

Somehow, Squat Magic seems to have hit the sweet spot...

Using real resistance that can build real muscle tone, all while being easier on your body.

Squat Magic definitely has the power to change your body if you put in the time. 

Is Squat Magic Better Than Alternatives?

This one I decided to research more in-depth to give the best POV that I can.

So I've compared the workout my clients have gotten using Squat Magic vs. my go-to program for toning butt and thighs.

The results weren't even up for debate...

My client Lauren (pictured) saw a remarkable transformation with 'The Bigger Butt Workout' that I ALWAYS suggest first.

On the other hand, my client Tammy reported far less stellar results with Squat Magic - even though she was working out 2x what Lauren was doing!

It was crazy to compare but it really showed that gimmick machines can't hold a candle to science-backed techniques.

This is why I consider 'The BB Workout' a requirement for women coming to me looking to tone and shape their legs and butt.

I'll be recommending that over any crazy infomercial fad every day of the week.

Thanks for Reading Friends! Until Next Time :)

What is a Good Time for a 5k Run?

The question about what constitutes a 'good time' for a 5k run comes up a lot but is always given a vague answer because we hate to offend others.

I don't particularly enjoy hurting people's feelings, don't get me wrong, but a clear question begs a clear answer.

So, what is a good time for a 5k Run?

Men who win: 12 to 16 minutes

Women who win: 15 to 19 minutes

Men and women above the age of 40 should add 5 minutes to these limits to get a competitive time for their age group.

Generally, most people are happy to get under 20 minutes and use 5k races as a stepping stone to longer distance competitions. 

Want to be exact? Use this free online calculator to input your info and get detailed times.

Morning Recovery Drink Review: Real Hangover Cure?

Morning Recovery Drink Review

My Morning Recovery Drink review is different than other morning recovery drink reviews that don't cover WHEN this 'hangover cure' works.

A REAL Morning Recovery Drink Review

This Morning Recovery Drink review isn't part of some paid marketing campaign...

I'm just a guy who likes health, but also likes to drink.

Sometimes my alcohol intake gets in the way of my diet and fitness goals...

A hangover kills my gym performance, the calories kill my diet.

While there isn't much we can do about the calories...

Morning Recovery Drink reviews we've been hearing would have us believe we can do without the hangover.

Wouldn't that be a dream?

Well, as you've no doubt heard, an ex-Tesla engineer and some of his buddies went on a mission to find the perfect ingredients for a morning recovery drink that would do the job and keep our most nasty hangovers at bay.

Are you skeptic yet?

I sure was.

I'd tried dozens of different "tricks" to avoid getting hungover...

From pre-drinking vitamin regimens

To intra-drinking hydration tactics

And even post-binging detox protocols.

Nothing worked.

Maybe they took the edge off. 

I mean drinking water between each drink can't hurt, right?

But it's hardly the sexy and elusive cure we're all hoping for.

That's why I took it upon myself, a big fan of booze, to give this morning recovery drink a real go...

Morning Recovery Drink Results: Does It Really Work?

Oh, where do I even begin?

I'm a stickler when it comes to proper research...

I wanted that double-blinded no-bias type of setup.

They call that the scientific "Gold Standard" after all and I wasn't about to half ass it.

I knew I shouldn't even taste the Morning Recovery Drink ingredients for this review...

Otherwise I'd know when given a placebo instead.

For this reason I enlisted a couple friends to control the situation.

There task was simple...

Pour the real recovery drinks into plain bottles...

Pour a placebo flavored drink into identical bottles (tiny indicators under the caps let them know which was which - only AFTER the experiment was finished).

Then it was my turn to do what I do best - get drunk as hell...

I downed shot after shot of quadruple distilled vodka.

I didn't change alcohol types to keep things easy to interpret. 

10 shots in all followed by 3 days break...

Then we did it all over again.

Each morning after I rated how I felt - nausea 1-10, headache 1-10, thinking ability 1-10

In the end - the second night of drinking was the clear winner in the hangover category.

This stuff actually worked...

I felt like I'd had 2 drinks instead of 10.

The ingredients are solid but I knew the price markup from the fancy ex-Tesla engineer and his pals was steep.

A ton of marketing and hype...

About ingredients someone else could (and is) making into their own drink?

Sounds like unnecessary overhead to me - and I wasn't the only one either...

The owner of LZR Labs reached out to me to announce their coming alternative hangover drink - Morning Recovery GOD.

Boasting the same ingredient profile at a much lower price, I was intrigued.

He agreed to ship me out a few samples for a review and I CAN'T WAIT to get drunk again for you nice folks!

I'll be sure to link up the new review in the next week...

Leave your email below and I'll hit you up about the review and when M.R. GOD officially launches. 

It's been a remarkable ride with these news developments and I can't wait to journal the rest of it!

Cheers to the future friends!