Why NOT to Make Happiness Your Goal

Could you will yourself to be happier? 

"You choose your own state of mind", is something we frequently hear. 

But is that the truth? 

Can you simply force yourself to be happy? 

In recent years a few studies have uncovered that effectively attempting to make yourself happier has the inverse impact… 

You may wind up imagining that happiness simply isn't achievable for you. 


Going for happiness is similar to stating "I'm going to get fit this year!"

What does fit even mean? 

Such ambiguous goals often leave you disappointed in the results. And studies show that when happiness is your primary goal - the same problem is apparent. 

It's as if you began a marathon and someone neglected to paint the finish line. 

You will undoubtedly quit running and say "What the heck?.. How am I not there yet, I've been making a decent attempt. Perhaps it's simply not practical for people like me." 

A startling thought to have, isn't it?

I know because I've felt it.

At a certain point I about abandoned each and every one of my wellness and organizing objectives – dismissing them with the line "I'm not wired for that." I verged on settled for mediocrity as a result of thoughts just like that… 

But new research has shown that simply changing your objective to something more specific but still related to your end goal of happiness is the best practice.

You must try to organize positivity in your day by day life. 

What does that mean? 

It's different for everyone but you should look to take the activities you really enjoy (sports, hobbies, time relaxing) and put them at the highest point of your schedule. 

When you plan positivity into your day, just as you would work or chores, you start using one of the least demanding but most effective strategies to bring more happiness in your life.

So begin making time for the things you love and take it seriously.

Email alert during your time for positivity? It'll have to sit for awhile, you’re not available - instead, you're doing anything else in the world. It is your life afterall.

Thrive+ Alcohol Review & Coupon Code Availability


Thrive+ After Alcohol Aid coupon codes are in high demand at the moment.

The need for Thrive After Alcohol coupon codes comes on the heels of their big debut on Shark Tank.

In that Shark Tank episode, the Thrive+ founder reviews his product and makes some pretty awesome claims…

Less hangover symptoms, less nausea, less grogginess - who wouldn't want that?!

I think you’ll agree that living hangover free would be AMAZING!
(And it is! - Check out my review of another hangover remedy I’ve learned I can’t live without)

Hangovers definitely ruin mornings and can even last an entire day…

All day hangovers can ruin your special occasions, vacations, and really put a damper on your workouts or work productivity.

So I was pumped when I saw Thrive After Alcohol Aid marketing to the masses…

More people should be taking a proven hangover remedy!!

But then there was a problem…

I was reading some Thrive After Alcohol reviews and people pointed out how quickly one bottle goes.

‘Maybe it’s the dosing’ I thought.

So I checked their website and…

A question about how many capsules to take got this response from the company:
“Unfortunately, it takes a lot of our main ingredient, DHM, to be effective…

"We ask [customers] to take 2-4 capsules. If we could, we'd have our customers take 5+ capsules, but that is a lot to ask!”

Wait, WHAT?!

Why make the serving size under what you'd recommend?

Let’s put it into perspective…

Each Thrive+ bottle has 30 capsules.

So, taking the company recommended 4 (I don’t even wanna get into 5+), gives you about 7 doses.

No wonder people were saying the bottle goes fast!

And at $30 a bottle, that’s not exactly a good deal!

Still, I’m a sucker for supplements... 

And I wanted to compare my newfound love of a hangover remedy to the big bad brand I was seeing on Shark Tank.

So I looked for a deal.

Where are the Thrive After Alcohol Coupon Codes?

Yes, I was willing to cheat on my new hangover remedy love with the shiny Thrive+ brand…

I didn’t really know why, but I thought if I could get it for the same price (or even a little higher) I’d at least give Thrive+ After Alcohol Aid a solid try.

So I looked and I looked for a Thrive+ coupon code to bring the price down.

I checked all those coupon code websites like RetailMeNot etc.

I even checked forums where people trade coupon codes they get in the mail or via email.

Nothing worthwhile came up.

Nothing was running at the moment...

“Why did their website have a place for coupon codes at checkout if they don’t have any!” I yelled in my head.

I almost said screw it at this point, but I wanted to do the review so I pressed on.

Paid full price and shipping was added as well.

My Thrive+ After Alcohol Aid Review

I order my Thrive+ on a Sunday and it got to me Wednesday afternoon - I was pumped to give it a try.

So, that Friday I went out drinking with some friends, and to make things a little more interesting (and because I knew I was just trying it for novelty sake) I divided all the whole bottle up among us 6 guys.

We ranged in weight from 170 to 240 pounds and each drink about a few times a week.

The alcohol consumed ranged with each individual - some like beer, some like whiskey, I prefer vodka cause I know it’s easier on my body.

Not the most scientific measure of alcohol consumption but I can say we were all buzzed relatively the same towards the end of the night.

Everyone took their share…

1 bottle divided between us gave each person 5 capsules.

We all took them at the same time and headed our separate ways...

The deal was they’d each text me the next morning and the next afternoon with how they felt based on several hangover symptoms…

I asked that they rate based on A) Nausea B) Grogginess/Fatigue C) Headache

We used a 0 - 10 scale with 0 being no symptoms and 10 being normally expected hangover symptoms for the amount drank.

The Results

Between all of us the average hangover symptoms reported was only a 3!

Like I said, this wasn’t the most scientific study…

MixFix Recover received the about the same average score previously (-1) but I didn’t “double blind” the studies.

This means everyone knew which brand they were getting and I seem to have been more excited about handing out MFR than Thrive After Alcohol Aid...

This could have possibly tipped the scales in favor of MFR or maybe the higher amounts of active ingredients do actually make a difference if you drink enough booze.

Bad bad science, I know. But we can still see that whether you choose Thrive+ or MixFix Recover, your mornings are going to be A LOT better off for it…

And that's something we can all cheers to :)

Are Saunas Good For You? Here Are the Benefits of a Sauna

There's a lot of debate over using the sauna before or after a workout and some even ask: are saunas good for you in any regard?. Well, it's time to talk about the benefits of a sauna today and show that saunas are indeed "good for you."

Here are the key points that you need to know about the benefits of using a sauna:

1) Even without exercise, there are definite benefits of a sauna

Independent of exercise, people who use the sauna can expect increased performance on endurance tests. Sauna use also releases IGF-1 which is a precursor to HGH and can prevent muscle loss and fat gain!

2) Using a sauna will make you live longer

Yes, you heard that right and this helps put to bed the question of "are saunas good for you" once and for all. You see, sauna use causes you to release Heat Shock Proteins which have been proven to extend life in both rats and humans. 

3) Saunas boost your brain

Staying in the sauna for around 30 minutes increases your norepinephrine 3-fold (helps with mental focus) and prolactin 10-fold (improves the efficiency of the cells in your brain).

4) Saunas protect your brain

Sauna use is linked to decreased shrinkage of your hippocampus and allows you to continue to create new brain cells even as you age.

5) Saunas pump you up

Staying long in the sauna will increase blood flow to your muscles and allow for the greater uptake of vital nutrients.

6) Saunas are kind to your heart

When used in moderation, saunas can reduce your resting heart rate and improve your overall cardiovascular system.

So, are saunas good for you? I think with the evidence we have to date, the benefits of a sauna are quite clear.

Any questions or comments - feel free to leave them below :)