Anandamide Supplement Review: Where to Buy Anandamide

Anandamide supplements continue to prove they have huge potential as more studies are being released regularly touting the effectiveness of the naturally occurring compound.

Distinctly, researchers are noting an always expanding list of positive outcomes for anxiety reduction, mood enhancement, and longevity markers stemming from anandamide supplementation.

The growing science behind it is continually making it more clear that this compound has a bright future in helping people get powerful mental well-being, cognitive enhancing, and life expanding benefits from an all natural source that is generally very well tolerated in treatment groups.

While the possible longevity increase has some people excited that longer lives may be within our reach scientifically, the biggest positive is a large increase in 'health span' that allow people to live more high-quality years with less degradation in health and happiness as we age.

This article will go over the favorable outcomes seen from this exciting compound and then will wrap up with how you can use anandamide today to start reaping the benefits in the short and long term.

Anandamide Benefits

Anandamide was a somewhat misunderstood brain chemical with scientists having little insight into it's purpose. However, more recently, a better scientific understanding has come about, and this versatile molecule has been affectionately dubbed the "bliss molecule" due to its effect on promoting feelings of joy and general positivity.

It is technically a neurotransmitter and is considered crucial to the endocannabinoid system.

Anandamide assumes an important role in managing pain, movement, and meal satiety or fullness.

Obviously, for these reasons, anandamide could be of great help in our current world dealing with sky high levels of lower back pain, obesity, and movement disorders.

Endocannabinoid compounds and their receptors work to stabilize our mind and body and keep them in sync to accomplish the maintainence of our optimal selves.

This comes in many forms that explain the roles they fulfill as described above.

For example, the management of appetite, when in sync in body and mind, will allow us to maintain adequate levels of fuel for crucial movement and muscle building - without 'over-fueling' and storing that extra fuel as adipose tissue or fat which leads to unneccessary wear and tear on our bodies and can lead to several serious ailments.

Futher, with adequate levels of anandamide present our mind is able to sync with our bodies and promote motivation for effortless activity and a shunning of lethargy to activate our muscles and respitory system in a way that has been proven to confer mental health benefits such as hightened sense of well-being and lower levels of depression.


This revving up of our motivation and ability to engage in physical activity on our own accord is thereby kept in check from going overboard (ie. overtraining) by our synced up pain system which tells you "You're overdoing it!" by sending shooting pain to stop you in the short term (side-stiches, liver cramps etc.)

And sometimes aching pain to keep you rested for the medium term (your ankles or knees are hurting [not injured] from running too hard or long) so you can take a couple of days off to let your body do it's work on repairing and rebuilding. That's how muscle i built after all!

Food for fuel, effortless motivation for movement, and pain to maintain (no more than neccessarry, no less than needed). That is how those three systems keep each other in check when optimized by adequate levels of anandamide.

So maybe calling anandamide the "bliss molecule" is a bit simplistic of a view. Anandamide in a vacuum won't give you lifechanging feelings of well-being, but it will make the things that have been proven to get you there all fall into line in an almost perfect cascade - sychronizing and optimizing your mind and body to be it's best self.

Those deficient in anandamide likely experience the opposite of this - the motivation to move just isn't there or doesn't last more than just a week or two, the lagging sync between brain and stomach has led to noticeable weight gain, pain or discomfort is no longer tied to overuse but instead comes as the musculoskeletal system weakens, posture and blood circulation suffer, and excess body fat causes the accumulation of inflammatory markers.

Aside from promoting a huge positive change in well-being, researchers are now starting to postulate that anandamide deficiency may be a core issue in the development of many serious health problems including fibromyalgia, MS, IBS, anxiety disorder and clinical depression.

Where to Buy Anandamide

Currently anandamide supplements are hard to find. There could be a number of reasons for this…

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