Why NOT to Make Happiness Your Goal

Could you will yourself to be happier? 

"You choose your own state of mind", is something we frequently hear. 

But is that the truth? 

Can you simply force yourself to be happy? 

In recent years a few studies have uncovered that effectively attempting to make yourself happier has the inverse impact… 

You may wind up imagining that happiness simply isn't achievable for you. 


Going for happiness is similar to stating "I'm going to get fit this year!"

What does fit even mean? 

Such ambiguous goals often leave you disappointed in the results. And studies show that when happiness is your primary goal - the same problem is apparent. 

It's as if you began a marathon and someone neglected to paint the finish line. 

You will undoubtedly quit running and say "What the heck?.. How am I not there yet, I've been making a decent attempt. Perhaps it's simply not practical for people like me." 

A startling thought to have, isn't it?

I know because I've felt it.

At a certain point I about abandoned each and every one of my wellness and organizing objectives – dismissing them with the line "I'm not wired for that." I verged on settled for mediocrity as a result of thoughts just like that… 

But new research has shown that simply changing your objective to something more specific but still related to your end goal of happiness is the best practice.

You must try to organize positivity in your day by day life. 

What does that mean? 

It's different for everyone but you should look to take the activities you really enjoy (sports, hobbies, time relaxing) and put them at the highest point of your schedule. 

When you plan positivity into your day, just as you would work or chores, you start using one of the least demanding but most effective strategies to bring more happiness in your life.

So begin making time for the things you love and take it seriously.

Email alert during your time for positivity? It'll have to sit for awhile, you’re not available - instead, you're doing anything else in the world. It is your life afterall.

New Dads Survival Kit: Absolute Essentials for New Dads

New Dads need all the help they can get. And what better way to ring in 'New Dad' status than with an amazing New Dads Survial Kit that'll blow him away and prepare him for what's to come - in a way he's sure to love.

Yes, New Dads Survival Kits have become a bit of a phenomenon in 2018 as people look for the perfect gifts for that first time Dad in their life.

And these days, any old survival kit won't do for the new Dads of the year - no, Dads these days want that just-right mix of practical, funny, and sometimes personally meaningful.

In this article we will hit each of those 3 crucial points to make sure your New Dads Survival Kit wows everyone AND makes him feel like 'you get it'...

New Dads Survival Kit Tip #1: Practicality

Please don't do this...

When putting together your New Dads Survival Kit you may want to skip right to the funny, and that's understandable because it's the most fun part.

But for the perfect kit, practicality will be one of the things he appreciates most on his new Dad journey...

He'll come to love this part of the survival kit as things pop-up that he hadn't thought of.

So start with practicality and leave him saying "I didn't think this would come in so handy!" with some of these awesome items he never knew he needed!

New Dads Survival Kit Tip #2: The Funny

Ok, now it's time to let loose a little and show that your new Dads survival doesn't have to be all diapers and seriousness.

And yes, this part of the survival kit will share a fews components with the next tip about knocking it out of the park (personilzation), but reserve this part for the cheapy things...

For instance, if you were going to logically budget out this whole New Dad Survival Kit thing, it WOULD NOT be one-third, one-thind, one-thind.

In fact, the funny part of the kit should really only cost about one-tenth of the whole thing.

I know!

"But this is supposed to be the most fun part" - you say.

And doing it at a fraction of the other parts absolutely does NOT mean it can't be BIG and FUN...

Because no one throws away a Nick Cage Pillow Case, right?

Because no one throws away a Nick Cage Pillow Case, right?

Because the cutesy "haha for a moment" kind of stuff is really only a survial kit budget buster if you don't plan ahead and end up running to one of those party supply stores... or even worse a CVS or Walgreens.

So not only will planning ahead and checking out the specially-picked/new-Dad-approved items below let you breathe easy when the gift giving commences...

More importantly, it'll allow you to save on the 'here today, gone tomorrow' gags and put your money where it will really do him some good.

After all, we're not really making a new Dads survival kit are we? For the men in our lives we care about, we want them to THRIVE.

Thrival Kit? Is that a thing?

Anyway, enough with the serious talk let laugh at some dumb-cute stuff...

New Dads Survival Kit Tip #3: Personalization

This may seem hard at first.

Maybe the new Dad in your life seems the more 'to himself' type and you all you can think about it beef jerky or craft beer related survival kit stuffers...

But let's slow down a bit and put those (partially truth-based) assumptions aside for a moment.