Spermidine Supplement Review: Where to Buy Spermidine

Spermidine supplements have shown immense promise lately as more researchers are looking into the benefits of the polyamine.

Specifically, scientists have been seeing an ever-growing list of potent anti-aging and longevity benefits given by the compound.

It shows huge potential for helping humans reap all the awesome anti-aging benefits that have been proven with long-period fasting.

These benefits not only could confer longer time here on earth for us humans, but more importantly they could allow us longer health spans with much greater quality of life in our later years.

In this post, we'll cover the benefits of this novel compound before diving into real world implications and what you can do today with spermidine.

Spermidine Supplement Research

Broccoli Sprouts are a great source of spermidine!

Spermidine is a compound found in small amounts in an array of natural foods like matures cheeses, mushrooms, soy beans, various vegetables, even and grains.

The compound appears to avert (in animal models at least) liver fibrosis and hepatocellular carcinoma, which is the most widely recognized form of liver cancer.

There is likewise some confirmation that it might increase life expectancy, as indicated by a review distributed as of late in the academic journal 'Cancer Research'. 

Analysts gave mouse models an oral supplement of spermidine and found that they lived longer and were less likely than untreated mice to have liver fibrosis and cancerous liver tumors.

"It's a dramatic increase in lifespan of animal models, as much as 25 percent," said Doctor Leyuan Liu. "In human terms, that would mean that instead of living to about 81 years old, the average American could live to be over 100."

Again, for many the real advantage of fasting, senolytics, and other life extension paths is actually in the remarkable difference we can attain in life quality in those years past 60.

We’re talking better mobility, more clear cognition, and far far less degenerative ailments that until now have just been assumed to be a natural part of the aging process.

(It is only in the past few years has research shed light on the idea that these issues can be largely avoided though rather simple lifestyle interventions and now through simple supplementation.)

Spermidine is a kind of compound called a polyamine and was first isolated from semen, which clarifies its name. It likely attempts to hault cancer by improving MAP1S-initiated autophagy, or the cells' self-cleaning conduct: The advantages of spermidine vanish when MAP1S isn't accessible - meaning authophagy plays a central role in how the compound gives its benefits.

This works off Doctor Liu's prior work, which demonstrated that autophagy, or the clearing away of senescent cells, assumes a big part in most cases of cancer and untimely death.

Senescent cells, because of faulty autophagy, can go on to duplicate and progress toward becoming tumors or cause different health related issues. Spermidine (a type of senolytic) can stop this process from taking place.

It does so by scavanging all of these damaged cells which normally, when unchecked, give off all sorts of inflammatory chemicals and signal nearby cells to do the same, thus leaving the tissue where the cells live closer to becoming a site for tumor growth.

There is likewise some proof that it may enhance overall cardiovascular health although this has been looked into with less vigor on part of most researchers fascinated with its anti-aging benefits.

However, even if humans didn't start taking spermidine until late-life, they may still have the capacity to get the amazing liver and heart benefits. The mouse models presented on spermidine indicated decreases in both liver lesions and incidence of liver fibrosis, a condition that regularly leads to liver cancer and premature death.

Spermidine For Sale? How Close Are We?

The only study of Spermidine in humans was a simple survey among 800 individuals, whom they polled about their eating habits.

Members revealed how regularly they ate distinctive food groups, which contained diverse levels of spermidine.

The individuals who ate more spermidine-rich food groups had less heart failure and other cardiovascular diseases, additionally this group had lower blood pressure.

As far as finding a spermidine supplement for sale, there appears to only be one company offering a spermidine supplement.

This company specializes in novel compounds that are unfeasable for large companies to release at mass scale due to production costs.

As of writing this I've heard of great successes with this supplement from collegues and will begin documenting my own journey on it when my shipment arrives and will keep my readers posted.

You can learn more about and buy this novel, and unfortunately, often out of stock supplement exclusively from the companies website.

Krill Oil vs. FIsh Oil? Krill Oil Wins, Hands Down

Why Fish Oil is a Bad Choice for Omega 3's

  1.  It's not consumed well (your body utilizes phospholipids – fish oil comes in triglyceride or ethyl ester structure, so it is less bioavailable) 

  2. It can turn sour rapidly (particularly if the creator or dealer put stored it ineffectively – this is extremely normal, sadly) 

  3. It can be hurtful (mercury and other terrifying contaminants are a big issue – oils from enormous fish such as tuna have the highest amounts) 

The Takeaway: 

Want the long-term edge given by omega 3's? 
You ought to reexamine fish oil based supplements. 
For truly optimal mental and physical wellbeing. 

What to search for: 

So you know you need omega 3's that are very bioavailable. 
You know you don't desire a source that can go foul quickly. 
What's more, you know you need to keep away from lethal toxins such as mercury. 

Basically, your ideal omega 3 source would: 


  1. Be in phospholipide structure 

  2. Be shielded from turning sour as quickly 

  3. Come from a source low on the food-chain (huge fish eat little fish and the contaminants develop so on and so forth...) 

It's 2017, Time to Switch to Krill Oil

Krill oil has been around a couple of years yet it's use has only lately surged. 

Why? It doesn't have all the destructive things that can turn out badly with fish oil: 
Krill are super low on the food-chain. 
The oil is in phospholipid form. 
It has a stunning antioxidant that naturally secures it from turning sour (astaxanthin). 

It's also 40% more bioavailable, so you get more value for your money – in a healthier form. 
And since omega 3's have been shown to prevent depression, ward of dementia, and sharpen your thinking abilities, this relatively new supplement will only continue to gain popularity.
So in case you're not enthusiastic about eating fish regularly - you now have a better option.
Trash your old fish oil pills. 

Check out my livestream Krill Omega Plus review to hear my personal results!

[Don't lose your money to over-priced Krill OIl - this is the best bang for your buck]

Get your Omega 3's the best practice way. 
It's no trend, it's just science :) 

Mycobacterium Vaccae Supplement Review: How to Buy & Get Quality Supplements

Mycobacterium Vaccae supplements are getting more and more attention as numerous studies show how supplementation can improve physical and mental health with stunning results. 

In fact, Mycobacterium Vaccae supplementation in research proved to:

1) drastically reduce inflammation

2) decrease anxiety and depression

3) improve memory and learning 

4) increase serotonin levels (lowering risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s)

5) Safeguard against the development of asthma and allergic reactions

These emerging studies have left thousands that are privy to the research wondering about how to get Mycobacterium Vaccae supplements, if they can even buy Mycobacterium Vaccae in the first place, and what form (pills, capsules, probiotic drinks) work best.

So without further ado, this post will address those questions and point toward a brand new nutraceutical compound released just 28 days before writing this (I was on their email waitlist for 4 agonizing months because the batch sizes are so small 'to ensure potency and quality' which is understandable and probably the reason their website is usually on backorder status).

Buying Mycobacterium Vaccae Supplements

Why It's Hard to Find

You might expect that such a promising compound, touting extraordinary benefits for both the body and mind would get more coverage from the mainstream media.

I mean, how often do we see junk science being shared all over Facebook and the like with click-bait titles and miracle promises.

But most of these are based in flawed research, dug up from obscure journals and funded by the very same corporations that stand to profit from the sensationalist news...

That's hardly the kind of thing informed individuals want to base their dietary and supplemental intake upon.

We have to hold ourselves to a higher standard than that if we want a truly healthy lifestyle that will deter depression and increase our lifespan as well as our quality of life.

[Side Note: Pharmaceutical companies rely on prescriptions for naturally cureable ailments so much so that they are known to harass scientists and supplement companies that hurt their bottom line with insane lawsuits that drag on for years... this maybe part of the reason Mycobacterium Vaccae supplements are hard to find/not receiving the attention they deserve.]

The Good News

In researching Mycobacterium Vaccae as a way to improve important health factors we find a few extremely reassuring truths...

There is no monetary incentive to cherry pick or make up data, muddy research by paying for the results, or payout huge bribes ($500 billion in 2013).

There is absolutely zero 'Big Pharma' gain to be had in the use of natural gut healing and anxiety easing supplements to rid us of many of the very ailments these giant industries depend on.

Further, the findings on the benefits of Mycobacterium Vaccae supplementation aren't taken from cherry picked data, questionable research designs, or academic journals we've never heard of.

In fact, we find some of the most promising and eye-opening findings on Mycobacterium Vaccae, like it's numerous mental health benefits, in prestigous and rigorously reviewed journals including the American Society for MicrobiologyProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, and recently, the International Review of Neurobiology.

Very Limited Source

With all that said about the low incentive by corporations to push the acknowledgment of Mycobacterium Vaccae (if not incentive to suppress it), it is understandable that so very little sources for buying it exist.

In my hunt I found only 2 such places...

One is called ATCC and is actually a research supply facility offering Mycobacterium vaccae for $354.

First off, we can use this as a metric to understand that Mycobacterium vaccae is not easy to come by or cheap to produce under the proper circumstances by any means. We also can see that this particular provider is for research centers only and purchasing is supposed to be limited to those studying the compound as opposed to those looking to improve their own mental and physical health. I use the word 'supposed to' because I am aware of other research suppliers that easily provide it to most who inquire as long as they check the right boxes before making checking out. I did not want to take or try to see if this route was possible with ATCC because I only wanted a viable solution that I could share with others.

The other was a much better option that I will be sharing when I finalize my month long run of it here in about a weeks time - once I can share my experience with confidence and make sure I am only backing products I can say work as intended.

Talk soon.

-Update: I've finished my month (and then some) taking my Mycobacterium vaccae supplement of choice...

It's been eye-opening. Incredible even.

I hesitate to write such fantastical things but I can honestly say I've never felt so ----- in my life.

Uplifted? Lucid? Aware, definitely. Filled with gratitude and taking everything in with such a positive light.

After 30 days, since then, I've been awe struck...

Literally everyday I find something that humbles me, fills me with joy, and makes me feel really small yet very important at the same time.

Like when you see something so huge or amazing that you physically can't stop yourself from saying "woah" aloud.

And yes, I know this sounds llike a drug trip but I've also been incredibly productive with work and have been loving the gym again.

I don't even crave certain foods I to love like pizza which for me is insane.

It's like this bacteria has hijacked my brain and is steering me to do healthful things for myself...

I'll write back in a couple weeks here and let whoever is interested know how it developes, other people I've talked to said it doesn't go away and I really hope they're right.

I only have 2 months worth left now and if I'm still feeling this amazing when I write again in 2 weeks I'll definitely just keep trying to get some more and hopefully 6 weeks is enough to get a window when they have stock.

If they don't have stock it won't let you order... I've tried haha. But I'm sure I'll figure it out by then.

Updates coming! Talk later!