No Hangover Alcohol: What to Expect & When


I think you will agree with me when I tell you…

Hangovers get MUCH worse over 25.

It happens to everyone, and it’s especially worse for people like me with fairly common genetic polymorphisms (check out my definitive guide on alcohol-related polymorphisms and what I do to hack it)

But a fix is around the corner - at least we’ve been hearing that.

The web has been buzzing about ‘no hangover alcohol’...

“Alcohol That Doesn't Give You A Hangover May Be A Real Thing Soon”

Elite Daily reads.

“you should be against the development of hangover-free alcohol”

The Independent declared.

The Reality of No Hangover Alcohol

Professor David Nutt of the Imperial College London is the man behind the buzz - so to speak.

And buzz we should, because Nutt insists hangovers will be a thing of the past by 2050…

How will we get around the excruciating nausea and headache that often follow a night out?

A synthetic booze called “Alcosynth” - which Nutt created and patented.

*This is where my BS alarm started sounding*

Nutt claims his ‘no hangover alcohol’ will replace the regular stuff in 30ish years…

But if we look a little closer we can see that Nutt isn’t new to big claims or even filing patents on similar products.

In fact, Nutt has OVER 90 PATENTS - and that’s just pertaining to his ‘no hangover alcohol’ pipe dream.

I sure hope he succeeds, but I’m not holding my breath or boycotting my local liquor store til that day…

The Hype of Hangover-Free Life

Still, a lot of publications are covering the Alcosynth story - and many of them make a hangover free society sound like doomsday.

Each article tries to fool you into thinking no hangover alcohol will be bad…

Telling us hangovers are essential.

A necessary part of life…

Without hangovers, we’d all turn into animals, wouldn’t we?

Binge drinking daily.

Huge losses of productivity.

Society may crumble.

We NEED the threat of hangovers...

So we won’t drink to excess so often, right?

Doubtful, and PsychInsider did a great post on why that’s not how it works.

In closing, don’t expect hangover-free alcohol anytime soon, stick to your best hangover remedies or try a new one til then.