Squat Magic Review: Does Squat Magic Work?

Squat Magic Review

My Squat Magic review is different than other Squat Magic reviews you may have read. This is because the Squat Magic product is relatively new to the scene.

A REAL Squat Magic Review

Because Squat Magic hasn't been around long, many of the reviews you'll read will have been collected by the company selling it...

We all know those aren't always the most honest reviews out there.

For this reason I decided to do my own Squat Magic review and dive into the important things.

1) What is Squat Magic Supposed to Do?

2) Does Squat Magic Work?

3) Is Squat Magic Better Than Other Alternatives?

What is Squat Magic Supposed to Do?

This product is supposed to tone and strengthen your legs and butt.

This, of course, is what squats themselves do in the most basic sense.

Squat Magic is different because it allows you to add resistance to your squats without have a heavy bar and weights across your back...

This was hugely appealing to me because I suffer from lower back pain and anyway to eliminate the need for weight on my shoulders is a big win.

So basically, you could get a good workout to tone your glutes the way a traditional squat does, only without the added strain on your shoulders and lower back.

That's it in a nutshell - squats made much much easier.

Sounds pretty appealing. 


Does Magic Squat Work?

Low impact exercises are great for reducing strain on bones and joints, that's for sure...

But is Squat Magic going to help you tone up?

Not really - diet has time and time again shown to be THE deciding factor in melting fat...

Squat Magic definitely is good for getting some light training in if you otherwise wouldn't, however.

Is Squat Magic Better Than Alternatives?

This one I decided to research more in-depth to give the best POV that I can.

So I've compared the results my clients have gotten using Squat Magic vs. my go-to program for rapid fat loss and body transformation.

NOTE: This program is designed for 35+ as it has a huge anti-aging component built in. 

The results weren't even up for debate...

My client Lauren (36, pictured) saw a remarkable transformation after giving the program I ALWAYS recommend first a real shot.

On the other hand, my client Tammy reported far less stellar results with Squat Magic - even though she was working out 2x what Lauren was doing!

Yep, Tammy was working out 180 minutes a week - with less to show for it...

It was crazy to compare but it really showed that gimmick machines can't hold a candle to science-backed techniques.

That is why I consider THIS ARTICLE required reading for women over 35 coming to me looking to tone and shape their legs and butt.

Thanks for Reading Friends! Until Next Time :)