21 day met shred review

21 Day Meta Shred Review: Does Meta Shred Work?

21 Day MetaShred Review

Welcome to my review of the 21 Day Meta Shred. You'll definitely want to know these 2 things before getting started.

The 21 Day Meta Shred is a new program promising to help you develop a leaner more athletic body with only 30 minutes per session. However, this 21 Day Meta Shred Review is taking a closer look at the "21" in the 21 Day Meta Shred title...

Thing Number One:

You won't see crazy results in just 3 weeks with Metashred...

The transformations in their ads aren't even from 21 days 

Their results are from "multiple (3 or more) 21 day cycles."

That's 63 DAYS, at least, you'd spend restricting calories (read my friend's article on why this is BAD over 35, plus get his actionable tips I consider "required reading") and jumping around in your living room.

Does it blow your mind that you could get in better shape that way?

Because with 24% of your year spent on a diet- you're bound to see some results.

My Personal Results

I tried it out with some clients that live in the area and yes we did see results...

After just one 21 day cycle I had lost 6 pounds (my clients reported losing 2 and 4 pounds). Not so bad, huh? 

Overall, I'd rate the 21 Day Metashred 5.5 stars out of 10.

But it's time for you to ask "is it optimal for me?" 

Thing Number Two:

It's not a great fit for the middle aged.

The 21 Day Meta Shred doesn't take into account the crucial age-exercise relationship and it's a HUGE mistake those over 28 should look to avoid.

Why? Simply put - you're losing out on your best body and killing your energy following a one-size fits all routine.

Old School New Body is required reading for my all clients over 30 for this reason and they have amazing results once they 'get with the program', if you will.

It's truly remarkable what a change you can see in these clients energy, bodies, and overall lives after even the simplest tweaks OSNB shares on their site.

Change Your Life

The sure-fire best thing I've done in the past year was tapping into Old School New Body - not only for myself but for the countless clients that absolutely love it.

So I don't think I'll be reviewing anymore trendy "p90X" type of programs anytime soon.

There's just no need for that kind of motivation to activate muscle growth and I'm not risking injury with that BS - I'm not 20 years old anymore, afterall. 

So stay lean, my friends. Grab Old School New Body today - STICK WITH IT - and you'll love the results.

Yes, it has a 100% money-back guarantee in case you're not great at sticking to much of anything but I've never had a single client not be thrilled by OSNB.

It really is an amazing compliment to anything you're doing now - JUST DO IT.

Also, if you're looking for dumbbells that change weight to go with your new routine -my overview of the top brands on the previous page isn't one to miss out on :)