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Green Tomato Extract Power: What Tomatidine Supplements Can Do

Green tomato extracts and tomatidine (the fat loss compound in green tomato extract) are receiving a lot of attention this year.

This comes after recent research into green tomato extract as a muscle-saving, fat-burning compound has shown remarkable results.

Specifically, researchers from the University of Iowa determined that the green tomato extract, tomatidine, can increase muscle mass by 10% and muscle strength by 30%.

That means that green tomato extract could be huge for the 50 million Americans that experience muscle atrophy (loss) - especially those 30 million elderly adults that struggle with this issue.

Green Tomato Extract Supplements

The tomatidine found in green tomato extract has amazing potential.

It can help us recover from an injury, stay healthy during a fast, and maintain our muscle mass as we age - a very important factor in living longer.

But will the tomatidine/green tomato extract available do the trick?

Our readers reported that the powerful tomatidine blend found here is the absolute best at staving off age-related muscle loss and rediscovering youthful energy.

Even our younger readers have reported mind-blowing results like rapid fat loss and increased muscle definition.

Although there aren't many supplements like it on the market, we're predicting that 2017 will see an explosion in green tomato extract given the promising research and rave reviews thus far. 

Thanks for reading and, as always, stay optimal!