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Are Protein Shakes Good for You? Wading Through the BS

Looking online to ask "are protein shakes good for you" will lead you down a confusing path. "They are poison!" and "There is no evidence to support that whey protein intake is associated with negative health outcomes" are going to be the 2 opinions you'll see online.

So are protein shakes good for you or are they to be avoided?


Look no further in your search than the evidence cited by these 2 very different stances on protein shakes. All the proponents of going whey protein free cite an error filled "China Study" to prove their point and are mainly vegan dieters that are pushing their personal agenda.

The folks who speak about whey protein in a calm, non-alarmist fashion simply cite the scientific consensus as opposed to one flawed study or their own beliefs and feelings.

Overwhelmingly, it has been found that problems associated with whey protein intake are tied to digestive issues like bloating or gas only - not kidney damage or cancer cell growth.

Don't drink the Kool-Aid when it comes to plant based protein powders like hemp. The fact is that whey protein is the is the fastest absorbing and well digestible proteins available.

Whey protein powder has also been shown to increase levels of leptin in the body far above any plant-based proteins. Not only are increased leptin levels known to suppress appetite in humans, but whey protein itself has been proven to suppress appetite directly in studies looking only at overall calorie consumption. 

So, not only are protein shakes good for you but they also have awesome benefits compared to other sources of protein. Whey protein = completely safe, Fear-mongering vegans = scientifically illiterate.