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Best Ursolic Acid Supplement? Independent Review of the Top Ursolic Acid Supplement

Ursolic acid supplements have been all the rage lately following a Joe Rogan Podcast with Dr. Rhonda Patrick stating how useful a ursolic acid supplement can be for keeping muscle mass and aging well. 

Tomatidine supplements were thrown in the mix as well as a recent study from The University of Iowa showed that the two supplements can induce 30% strength gains.

The findings also indicate that ursolic acid and tomatidine, when taken together, can increase lean muscle mass by 10%.

When I heard the news, and read about the study here I was on board and ordered the top ranking supplements after doing my research.

emerging supplements = Bad Brands 

I ended up with this ursolic acid supplement because I was looking for "a bargain."

Terrible idea.

The Labrada Nutrition ursolic acid did not last long - meaning I had to buy 2 extra bottles just to finish off my trial run.

Decent results but I wanted to get in on the powerful synergism between ursolic acid and tomatidine.

The results from the University of Iowa study were pretty ridiculous after all.

Best Ursolic Acid Supplement

But almost no one is making a supplement that blends the two adaptogens.

Ursolodine by “LZR” is probably the first on the scene here with a potent mix of tomatidine and ursolic acid that can really recomp your body. It's gotten rave reviews from readers and research indicates it is powerful for fat loss and muscle retention.

Other than that, the ursolic acid only supplements using holy basil extract (at 2%!) aren't likely to get anyone fired up.

Fortunately, the surge of interest in ursolic acid and tomatidine may drive more brands like LZR to dive into the game and that's a win for us since supplies seem skant. 

Anyways, stay optimal friends and check out my tear down of the "21 Day Meta Shred" you've been hearing so much about. Don't settle for 2nd best ;)