Tomatidine Supplement Availability and Dosage: Is the Tomatidine for Sale Worth It?

Tomatidine supplements like capsules, powders, and tomatidine tablets are - in my opinion - the future of wellness enhancement given recent research.

So, I reached out to the only legitimate tomatidine lab and supplier in the U.S. and did a deep dive into dosage calculations to bring you the best info on this exciting new compound. 

What Can Tomatidine Do?


According to research reported here by Science Daily.

Come-Back Fit Pro Mike Hardy

Come-Back Fit Pro Mike Hardy

"You know how ego-crushing it is to see yourself physically decline with age?" Said come-back fitness pro Mike Hardy.

"I've been there."

"That's why I take Ursolodine year round."

"Once you start on it - the fatigue, the muscle loss, the frustration - it all fades away. It's like nothing you've ever experienced."

Hardy summarized his support by saying:

"If you can grasp the next thing I'm about to say - you'll agree that interventions like tomatidine will completely transform your life..."

"90% of people over the age of 35 lose enough muscle every year to burn off an additional 4 pounds of body fat.

So you not only lose the only thing on your body that creates shape, tone, and strength—you also gain more fat every year, even if your calories stay the same."

"That's a reality check, and if you surround yourself with naysayers who are constantly talking about growing old, all their aches and pains, and how life is just down hill after 40—LEAVE! - Take control, because now it's possible."

When reached for comment, LZR spokesperson Lindsey Bradford had this to say about their flagship tomatidine supplement...

"Ursolodine was a collaborative effort in the end."

"1,250 customers helped Ursolodine come to be by preordering and showing huge support for the product. Within hours of launching we sold out our first batch ever"

Potential customers join a waitlist when downtime occurs between batches (sometimes up to 4 weeks).

These waitlisters opt-in to get alerts about new stock via email or even text.

However, at least one customer we spoke with suspected the alert system plays favorites... notifying high-quantity repeat customers and small supplement stores preferentially.

Steve Markman, an avid crossfitter from Florida, noted over the phone:

“Within 30 minutes of my alert this past weekend the stock had already vanished online... [But] my cousin in Atlanta always orders in bulk for his shop and got an alert a full 2 hours earlier than I did.”

At this time Ursolodine isn’t available as a subscription plan, keeping a relatively exclusive list of customers on edge for the only tomatidine based supplement available in the U.S.

From this glance into the market we can see that availability is definitely an issue.

Analyzing Tomatidine Dosage

In studies on tomatidine, mice were given 50mg per kg of bodyweight.

Tomatidine Dosage

With the mice at 0.15kg, they were receiving 7.5mg daily for 8 weeks.

Using the Journal of Clinical Pharmacy standards (FDA approved for calculating human dose conversions), we get a clear idea of proper tomatidine dosage.

For a 150 lb. man to see results similar to those we’ve seen in the research, he would need to dose his tomatidine between 90 - 110 mg daily.

This relatively low dosing protocol makes tomatidine “significantly more potent than ursolic acid” Christopher Adams, M.D., Ph.D. and associate professor with the University of Iowa told Science Daily.

Adams also reported that tomatidine has slightly different mechanisms of action compared to ursolic acid, leading some researchers to hypothesize that the two compounds could work together synergistically, yielding even greater results. 

Indeed, this cooperation between the two adaptogens is what prompted LZR to combine them in their latest adaptogen blend according to Bradford in response to an email follow-up. 

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Tomatidine for Muscle Mass & Fat Loss: Research Results

Tomatidine use for muscle mass and fat loss may be the wave of the future. This comes as recent research titled “Keeping Older Muscles Strong” revealed how effective tomatidine and another adaptogen (ursolic acid) are at surging muscle mass and strength.

The University of Iowa study, in fact, concludes that tomatidine can increase muscle size by 10% and muscle strength by 30%. The impressive numbers tomatidine has put up regarding muscle growth, in this instance, were found in mice models.

At 0.05% of their diet, the mice were able to reap the muscle building benefits of tomatidine and were even able to prevent muscle loss during fasting or even complete immobilization.

While these findings, after only 2 months, were applied to mice, the ability for adaptogens like tomatidine to boost muscle growth has been shown in human studies as well.

Ursolic acid, a close cousin to tomatidine, was effectively used in muscle and strength building studies conducted on male athletes in Korea - showing a powerful boost over the placebo group.

Behind any instance of adaptogen supplements like tomatidine or ursolic acid increasing muscle protein synthesis (muscle building) is the fact they inhibit ATF4.

Because ATF4 is an enzyme in our bodies which decreases muscle protein synthesis, the inhibition of it by tomatidine allows our bodies to build and maintain more muscle mass much easier.

It does seem that the future potential for tomatidine supplements and ursolic acid supplements is a promising one for those looking to increase their lean muscle mass while keeping fat gain to a minimum.

Tomatidine Tablets: A Review of Tomatidine and Ursolic Acid Supplements

Tomatidine tablets and ursolic acid supplements, both adaptogens, have become huge in late 2016. 

The surge in tomatidine and ursolic acid supplement use follows surprising research.

One study, covered by ScienceDaily, proved how tomatidine can quickly alter body composition - favoring lean muscle mass while melting excess fat in under 8 weeks. 

How, exactly?

Tomatidine and ursolic acid work like a vaccine.

They give off a very low level stress - and our bodies adapt in a specific way. 

In the case of tomatidine and ursolic acid, our bodies switch off genes that work with an enzyme called ATF4.

This leads to remarkable muscle gain and fat loss because ATF4 severely limits the body's ability to build muscle - according to research from the University of Iowa. 

These new discoveries show how tomatidine and ursolic acid can stop age-related muscle loss and muscle loss related to immobilization. 

Tomatidine Supplements

Supplementing with tomatidine has undoubtedly exploded this year and some companies are starting to experiment with potent ursolic acid blends.

This is likely due to the extreme scarcity of tomatidine and the fact that the compound performs much better when paired with ursolic acid.

"Given the synergistic effect tomatidine has on ursolic acid, the idea of creating a very powerful and properly dosed body recomposition agent was too good to pass up - and the response has been overwhelming."

LZR reported to us when reached for comment regarding this article on tomatidine availability.