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Ursolic Acid Supplements: Buy Good Ursolic Acid And where to Buy It

Ursolic acid supplements have been gaining momentum in the space of performance enhancement and longevity.

This latest surge in the popularity of ursolic acid supplements is largely due to recent research showing there are very impressive gains to be had using one of the good ursolic acid supplements available on the market.

But there’s where the problem really lies.

It’s not so much that we aren’t sure whether the compound itself works the way we’ve seen it perform in studies - we’re hesitant shopping for ursolic acid supplements because a lot of them are awful.

What do I mean by awful? Well, the ursolic acid supplements you’ll see on sites like Amazon or have been “grandfathered-in.”

They were made hastily in 2011 when early research came out showing how beneficial ursolic acid could be for lifting and dieting. So there was this rush of “oh crap, people want this - let’s get it out there for sale!” and the companies didn’t do their due diligence.

They didn’t take the time to develop a product from the correct extract and they seriously underdosed their formulas because they considered it a “small pop win”. Quick cash and they figured ursolic acid may have been a one time thing.

But with all the exciting research this past year, ursolic acid supplements are back on the mind of the consumer seeking that competitive advantage when it comes to gaining muscle or losing fat.

Why "grandfathered-in" is bad?

You see, companies that went to get in on the pop of ursolic acid first becoming hot got established as THE brands for ursolic acid supplements… Not because they were any good but because they were there when no one else was.

They were muddy water in a dessert and so Amazon and started stocking their stuff because it was all that was around - and people were looking for it.

Now, as more and more research comes out showing how powerful ursolic acid supplements can be, they cash in on the pops using their old stockpiles and bad formula.

They offer a very weak ursolic acid from Holy Basil that is insultingly underdosed and sell easily while new brands, with good ursolic acid products, struggle because they can’t get their foot in the door with big retailers.

So these new companies end up providing their ursolic acid supplements directly from their facilities and right from their own website.

They don’t get nearly as much exposure as the brands that were grandfathered-in. That’s a fact. 

But I’m hoping they’ll gain a loyal following of their own as more consumers get fed up with the subpar ursolic acid and tomatidine supplements available on big box sites.

That way the newer companies that stand behind their product will be able to scale up and offer prices that even compete with the lower quality ursolic acid suppliers.

Wishful thinking maybe, but until then I'll easily root for, and buy from, the small guy.  Because getting what you paid for is more important than just picking the ursolic acid supplements that're right "there" on your favorite retails site. 

Stay optimal my friends!