Is It Good to Drink Protein in the Morning? The Skinny on Shakes for Breakfast

Is it good to drink protein in the morning? While is may seem that drinking a protein shake at anytime of the day, including breakfast, would give equal benefits, it's not the case. For instance, drinking protein in the night time can inhibit your sleep and doesn't give you all the protein power you should have been using that day. 

So, it's a resounding yes to the question: Is it good to drink protein in the morning?

Among its advantages, research demonstrates a high-protein breakfast smothers your hunger-inducing hormone ghrelin (significantly), checks your appetite, and squashes cravings. 

Breakfast regularly gets the short end of the stick when it comes to the thousands of morning obstacles we face. A protein shake gives a quick, easy decision dinner to stay full, engaged, and impressive throughout the morning. 

A protein shake can likewise help you get in shape. One meta-examination utilizing six studies closed a feast substitution "can securely and successfully deliver huge manageable weight misfortune and enhance weight-related danger elements of disease." 

Truly, I've had customers do nothing else than a protein shake for quick, enduring fat misfortune. 

Other than being quick, simple, and fat burning, protein shakes turn into an advantageous, solid alternative whether you're going, out and about, or stranded at your office. 

Protein powder appears to have developed in prominence as the contending requests on Americans' opportunity has expanded in light of the fact that nourishment arrangement is tedious, and with the normal work-week now checking in at 50+ hours, eating solid has turned into an obstruction. 

Protein shakes additionally make a practical contrasting option to room administration, espresso stores, air terminal lines, and other nourishment alternatives. A serving of expert quality protein powder doesn't even cost your average espresso.

A calorically-rich protein breakfast, mid-size lunch and little supper is a shown promise for shedding excess pounds, enhancing satiety and dampening glucose spikes for for 24 hours in overweight individuals and those diabetes.

Scientists have concluded that whey protein - found in milk products, yogurts, and cheeses - is the best to keep us feeling full and help us get a slimmer waistline. 

Whey protein breakfasts have consistently led to more weight loss than one containing protein from another source, for example, eggs or fish. 

Beginning the day whey protein - which can likewise be purchased as a powder to be made into a smoothie - was additionally preferable for weight reduction over eating a sugar rich breakfast.

Contrasted to proteins from different sources, like, eggs, soy or fish, it additionally decreased spikes in glucose after any meal of the day.

So go ahead and get your blender going - it is good to drink protein in the morning afterall :)


Maximus Body Book Review: Is Maximus Body Worth It?

maximus body review

Welcome to my Maximus Body book review... There are a few things you NEED to know before diving in 100% with Maximus Body.

But first, a few details about what Maximus Body is all about?

Well, Maximus Body comes from Men's Health magazines premier personal trainer, Bobby Maximus.

He's all about hardcore training for muscle and strength and that's exactly what you get from Maximus Body.

You'll get a Rolodex of intense strength and power moves for made to make athletes bigger, stronger, and faster.

There are literally thousands of tips and tricks in Maximus Body.

Each tip and trick has been shown to help build lean muscle mass and a ton of info on helping with fat burning as well.

You'll get a few all-new techniques that you more than likely haven't heard of before.


The Problem with Maximus Body

Mostly, Bobby Maximus' plan is based on the boring, hard to maintain, "eat less calories, workout more" routine we hear all the time.

I mean how long can you really follow this advice?

What happens when you don't have the energy because you're dieting so hard?

What happens when you're short on time some weeks?

What happens when you're 35+ and over-training makes you age faster?

You should be considering all those things...

And you should find a realistic plan that you can stick to and that works for your age range.

Because I see it ALL THE TIME.

Men over 35 who don't know how to work WITH their age...

They blast away at crazy intense programs that:

1) Are NOT sustainable - always more and more time requirements

2) Are NOT pro-longevity - workloads that increase free radicals

3) Are NOT built around your lifestyle - overly restrictive dieting


And they end up losing precious muscle mass...

Sure they dropped some fat as well but muscle is much harder to come by with age.

It needs to be preserved and built in a sustainable way.

What I Do Recommend

For all my clients over 35 this eye-opening article by Steve Holman is considered required reading.

Because he covers little-known things that are likely destroying your efforts to stay in shape as you age.

And Steve knows his stuff...

He's the former Iron Man Magazine editor-in-chief and has become a close friend after sharing some of his best secrets with me and my readers.

His tips, tricks, and workout routine have changed thousands of lives.

And for men over 35 I can't stress enough how remarkable you can feel with his routine.

It's truly night and day - and for this reason I ask you to go check out Steve's article, see if it makes sense, and if so FOLLOW THROUGH.

You will see results!

And that's why I'm so adamant that you give it a try before jumping into the next Men's Health fad program built for 20 - 30 year olds with endless time and energy.

It's just not right and there are better ways for us 'older bucks'.

Stay lean my friends!

Metashred EXTREME Review: Does Metashred Extreme Work?

Metashred EXTREME Review

My behind-the-scenes Metashred Extreme review & official recommendation for men over the age of 35...

The Metashred Extreme workout program is yet another by Men's Health Magazine.

And, it is the second in BJ Gaddour's latest series.

It follows the 21 Day Metashred (reviewed here) BUT there are some BIG differences you need to know about...

When you hear "extreme" behind Metashred Extreme you already know your not going for a walk in the park.

But what exactly makes it different from it's predecessor?

Can you really get better results?

Is Metashred Extreme for everybody?

Metashred Extreme Review

Well, I tested it out with a couple clients of mine so I could break down:

1) the Metashred Extreme calendar or schedule

2) how intense the workouts are

3) whether the results are all they're chalked up to be

4) who Metashred Extreme IS for and who it's NOT for

The Workout Calendar or Schedule

The Metashred Extreme workouts can go great with your schedule for a couple of reasons.

Just like it's predecessor, this workout routine is done completely at home and doesn't require you to step foot in the gym.

This saves you time driving to the gym, membership fees, and socially awkward moments if you're not the kind of person who works out to meet people (I have NEVER been that type of person or understood it). 

Another thing, no more DVD's!

Unless you really want them - everything can be streamed directly to any device you want.

These two factors make the Metashred Extreme a nice option for anyone who travels often and isn't already roped into a long gym contract like me :(

So there is no real "workout calendar" or even a strict schedule - but you gotta put your time in.

How much time?

You need to set aside at least 4 days a week to be able to fit this program into your schedule.

And with each workout lasting only 40 minutes that should be a breeze if you're actually interested in trying to change your body.

The Metashred Extreme Workouts

The routines are broken up into splits that either completely target your lower-body or completely target your upper-body.

This approach lets you take it one day at a time.

Meaning that if you get sore you can rest assured you won't be hitting the same tired muscle group the very next day.

So, how intense are these workouts?

Pretty freakin intense. You'll be getting a serious cardio workout in as the wait time between sets changes throughout the workout.

You'll definitely be feeling some muscle burn as well thanks to the 'drop sets' which force you to complete an exercise with a given resistance to failure, then 'drop' the resistance down a notch to keep going till you can't finish another rep.

Whichever Metashred Extreme package you choose ($100 or $120), they both come with some interesting trinkets.

You'll be using these extras in one way or another with each workout routine.

What are these little helpers?

You'll get 3 small resistance bands, 2 'Thick Grip' barbell/dumbbell covers, 2 large resistance bands, a mobility rolling ball, and a set of occlusion wraps which restrict blood flow to certain muscle groups during some exercises.

Now, you may be thinking most of these add-ons are gimmicks.

That they want you to buy extra stuff even though the course is 100% digital.

And you'd be right.

I think most of this gear is just fluff and unnecessary to get the look you want.

Especially if you're over 35, these extras aren't going to help you get that leaner, more athletic looking body.

Not with all that oxidative stress aging you faster and faster...

Our Results

My 22 year old client Jordan, my 37 year old client Brad and myself had no trouble finishing the program.

BUT, at the end things were A LOT DIFFERENT.

We were kept pretty entertained by all the workouts and did the whole thing almost like a competition.

We wanted to see who'd have the best overall results.

However, just like I've seen with these types of workouts before...

Age played a huge factor.

I dropped 6 pounds, Jordan lost a good 8.5 pounds, and Brad lost 5 - all within a month.

So what's the problem?

Brad definitely looked like he lost muscle mass.

And I wasn't too crazy about how I looked either...

We were thinner, but we didn't look more toned or athletic like my younger client Jordan.

What's the Deal with That?

It's not a great fit for the middle aged.

Metashred Extreme doesn't consider the crucial age-exercise relationship and it's a HUGE mistake those over 30 should look to avoid.

Why? Simply put - you're losing out on your best body and killing your energy following a one-size fits all routine.

Old School New Body is required reading for my all clients over 30 for this reason and they have amazing results once they 'get with the program', if you will.

It's truly remarkable what a change you can see in these clients energy, bodies, and overall lives after even the simplest tweaks OSNB shares on their site.

Change Your Life

The sure-fire best thing I've done in 2017 was tapping into Old School New Body - not only for myself but for the countless clients that absolutely love it.

So I don't think I'll be doing anymore trendy "p90X" type of programs anytime soon - especially with my clients over 30.

There's just no need for that kind of cellular and metabolic damage to pack on muscle and I'm unhappy with aging faster in any shape or form.

I'd imagine most men would be unhappy to hear their workouts may be aging them faster, but it's all about having the right knowledge.

So stay lean, my friends. Grab Old School New Body today - STICK WITH IT - and you'll love the results.

Yes, it has a 100% money-back guarantee in case you're not great at sticking to much of anything but I've never had a single client not be thrilled by OSNB.

It really is an amazing compliment to anything you're doing now - JUST DO IT.