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Tomatidine for Muscle Mass & Fat Loss: Research Results

Tomatidine use for muscle mass and fat loss may be the wave of the future. This comes as recent research titled “Keeping Older Muscles Strong” revealed how effective tomatidine and another adaptogen (ursolic acid) are at surging muscle mass and strength.

The University of Iowa study, in fact, concludes that tomatidine can increase muscle size by 10% and muscle strength by 30%. The impressive numbers tomatidine has put up regarding muscle growth, in this instance, were found in mice models.

At 0.05% of their diet, the mice were able to reap the muscle building benefits of tomatidine and were even able to prevent muscle loss during fasting or even complete immobilization.

While these findings, after only 2 months, were applied to mice, the ability for adaptogens like tomatidine to boost muscle growth has been shown in human studies as well.

Ursolic acid, a close cousin to tomatidine, was effectively used in muscle and strength building studies conducted on male athletes in Korea - showing a powerful boost over the placebo group.

Behind any instance of adaptogen supplements like tomatidine or ursolic acid increasing muscle protein synthesis (muscle building) is the fact they inhibit ATF4.

Because ATF4 is an enzyme in our bodies which decreases muscle protein synthesis, the inhibition of it by tomatidine allows our bodies to build and maintain more muscle mass much easier.

It does seem that the future potential for tomatidine supplements and ursolic acid supplements is a promising one for those looking to increase their lean muscle mass while keeping fat gain to a minimum.

Are Adaptogens Real? Where to Buy Adaptogens 101

Are adaptogens real or are they just another fad? Is there any where to buy adaptogens you can see real results with?

Well, when asking “are adaptogens real” we can assume we’re talking about the benefits that are supposed to come along with adaptogens and adaptogen supplements.

And considering that we want to know if all the good press about adaptogens is true and real we need to make a key distinction.

When Are Adaptogens "Real"

While the name “adaptogen”is referring to the plants and herbs like Ashwagandha or Holy Basil, you’ll be missing out on a lot of the benefits adaptogens offer by seeking out these plants in their original form.

You see, Holy Basil is an adaptogenic herb but science has pinpointed the exact chemical that allows us humans to benefit from ingesting it. That naturally occurring chemical is called “ursolic acid.”

And ursolic acid boasts a ton of benefits from ramping up fat loss to surging muscle growth. Heck, ursolic acid has even let subjects reap these benefits without any exercise.

So, what’s the problem? Unfortunately, Holy Basil is a pretty lousy source of ursolic acid (the stuff that we now know does all the good stuff), so you’d have to take in a whole bunch of it to see results.

Ursolic acid can be extracted from a few plants and herbs at very high levels, however, most supplement companies just don't go the extra mile or make quality blends. The company behind Ursolodine seems to understands this demand pretty well and is frontrunning as far as adaptogen supplements go.

You can expect the diet and fitness industry to be catching up in years to come, though. As more manufacturers see the popularity of research backed adaptogens they'll adapt as people vote with their wallets. 

Just make sure that in buying adaptogens supplements you take a look to see that they are extracted from an herb that allows a higher potency - otherwise you’ll be taking tons of pills.

Best of luck and as always, stay optimal my friends!