Maximus Body Book Review: Is Maximus Body Worth It?

Welcome to my Maximus Body book review... There are a few things you NEED to know before diving in 100% with Maximus Body.

But first, a few details about what Maximus Body is all about?

Well, Maximus Body comes from Men's Health magazines premier personal trainer, Bobby Maximus.

He's all about hardcore training for muscle and strength and that's exactly what you get from Maximus Body.

You'll get a Rolodex of awesome strength and power moves for building a bigger, more athletic body.

There are thousands of tips and tricks in Maximus Body that have been proven to increase lean muscle mass and a ton of info on fat burning as well.

You'll get a few all-new and cutting edge techniques that you more than likely have not heard of.

Mixed in with these brand new tactics for body transformation are the good ole main stays - you know the "eat less calories, lift more" mantra that any self respecting fitness book would be remiss without.

Overall, the book IS a wealth of information...

BUT, a lot of the main takeaways can be found elsewhere.

Especially the stuff for men over 35.

Most of my readers have jumped on the Old School New Body train by now anyway - which I consider required reading.

I do not consider Maximus Body required reading by any stretch and recommend those interested look toward trying OSNB for themselves before jumping to Men's Health's newest feature.