Maximus Body Book Review: Is Maximus Body Worth It?

maximus body review

Welcome to my Maximus Body book review... There are a few things you NEED to know before diving in 100% with Maximus Body.

But first, a few details about what Maximus Body is all about?

Well, Maximus Body comes from Men's Health magazines premier personal trainer, Bobby Maximus.

He's all about hardcore training for muscle and strength and that's exactly what you get from Maximus Body.

You'll get a Rolodex of intense strength and power moves for made to make athletes bigger, stronger, and faster.

There are literally thousands of tips and tricks in Maximus Body.

Each tip and trick has been shown to help build lean muscle mass and a ton of info on helping with fat burning as well.

You'll get a few all-new techniques that you more than likely haven't heard of before.


The Problem with Maximus Body

Mostly, Bobby Maximus' plan is based on the boring, hard to maintain, "eat less calories, workout more" routine we hear all the time.

I mean how long can you really follow this advice?

What happens when you don't have the energy because you're dieting so hard?

What happens when you're short on time some weeks?

What happens when you're 35+ and over-training makes you age faster?

You should be considering all those things...

And you should find a realistic plan that you can stick to and that works for your age range.

Because I see it ALL THE TIME.

Men over 35 who don't know how to work WITH their age...

They blast away at crazy intense programs that:

1) Are NOT sustainable - always more and more time requirements

2) Are NOT pro-longevity - workloads that increase free radicals

3) Are NOT built around your lifestyle - overly restrictive dieting


And they end up losing precious muscle mass...

Sure they dropped some fat as well but muscle is much harder to come by with age.

It needs to be preserved and built in a sustainable way.

What I Do Recommend

For all my clients over 35 this eye-opening article by Steve Holman is considered required reading.

Because he covers little-known things that are likely destroying your efforts to stay in shape as you age.

And Steve knows his stuff...

He's the former Iron Man Magazine editor-in-chief and has become a close friend after sharing some of his best secrets with me and my readers.

His tips, tricks, and workout routine have changed thousands of lives.

And for men over 35 I can't stress enough how remarkable you can feel with his routine.

It's truly night and day - and for this reason I ask you to go check out Steve's article, see if it makes sense, and if so FOLLOW THROUGH.

You will see results!

And that's why I'm so adamant that you give it a try before jumping into the next Men's Health fad program built for 20 - 30 year olds with endless time and energy.

It's just not right and there are better ways for us 'older bucks'.

Stay lean my friends!