Tomatidine Tablets: A Review of Tomatidine and Ursolic Acid Supplements

Tomatidine tablets and ursolic acid supplements, both adaptogens, have become huge in late 2016. 

The surge in tomatidine and ursolic acid supplement use follows surprising research.

One study, covered by ScienceDaily, proved how tomatidine can quickly alter body composition - favoring lean muscle mass while melting excess fat in under 8 weeks. 

How, exactly?

Tomatidine and ursolic acid work like a vaccine.

They give off a very low level stress - and our bodies adapt in a specific way. 

In the case of tomatidine and ursolic acid, our bodies switch off genes that work with an enzyme called ATF4.

This leads to remarkable muscle gain and fat loss because ATF4 severely limits the body's ability to build muscle - according to research from the University of Iowa. 

These new discoveries show how tomatidine and ursolic acid can stop age-related muscle loss and muscle loss related to immobilization. 

Tomatidine Supplements

Supplementing with tomatidine has undoubtedly exploded this year and some companies are starting to experiment with potent ursolic acid blends.

This is likely due to the extreme scarcity of tomatidine and the fact that the compound performs much better when paired with ursolic acid.

"Given the synergistic effect tomatidine has on ursolic acid, the idea of creating a very powerful and properly dosed body recomposition agent was too good to pass up - and the response has been overwhelming."

LZR reported to us when reached for comment regarding this article on tomatidine availability.